Regina Mundi Celebrates Graduating Students at Valedictory Service

Graduating Queens of Regina Mundi Girls’ Secondary School Iwo, Osun state has been celebrated by the school and their parents at valedictory service on Friday November 12, 2021. The valedictory service which took place in the school’s new hall started with Holy Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr Bernard Azeez, director of Offer Centre Oluponna Osun state.

While giving the homily Fr Azeez congratulates the school, the graduating students and their parents for successful completion of secondary school by the students, and he said there is still a lot to learn by the students because life is all about learning, unlearn and relearn, and he charged the students to accept the reality of life.

According to the priest, life is not a bed of roses but rather it is full of challenges, ups and downs. And for the graduating students to scale through life successfully they should hold on to the following three important messages.

First, they should fear God in everything they do. “If you don’t have fear of God, you will go through life with lots of fear, but if you have fear of God you will go anywhere with the hope that God is with you”. He said

Second, they should not lose the identity of who they are. According to the priest, the easiest place for a student to lose his/her identity if care is not taking is university where she is free to make choices and take decision on her own and can be influenced negatively by other students if she did not hold on to her identity. ‘Try to be the best of yourself without copying other people’s life style”. He advised them.

Third, they should not lose their integrity for anything but instead they should work for anything they aspire to be in life and they should be contented with what they.

Speaking to the parents, Fr Azeez said there is nothing wrong in giving good things of life to their children but they should not spoil the children with things of life and they must teach their children good morals and value of hard work. He frowned at the attitude of some parents who encourage laziness in their children by registering them in special centres where students cleared their O’ level papers through examination malpractice without the efforts of the students.

While speaking at the valedictory service, principal of the school Rev. Sr. Maria Chimezie Etoama congratulate the graduating students and thanked their parents for their strong confidence in Regina Mundi Girls’ secondary school Iwo and ability of the school to nurture their wards in a desired direction.

Sr. Etoama also appreciate Rev. Sisters working with her, academic and non-academic staff of the school for their cooperation, hard work and dedication to duty. She also thanked Rev. Fr Felix Emerue who is the school’s chaplain for his availability and readiness to provide moral and spiritual support to the school. She equally appreciates Fr Bernard Azeez for celebrating with the school.

The valedictory service featured presentation of academic and non-academic award to the outstanding students, presentation of gifts to all the graduating students and cultural dance. The program was attended by priests, PTA executive of the school led by the chairman Mr Patrick Akinyode, parents, friends and well wishers of the school and of graduating students.


Rev. Fr Bernard Azeez, director of Offer Centre Oluponna, Osun state with some of the graduating Queens of Regina Mundi Girls’ Secondary School, Iwo during 2021 Valedictory Service of the school.