5:00 amStudents rise daily to say their morning offering and then attend Holy mass at the school chapel. Afterwards they carry out their morning chores, take their breakfast.
7:35amThe students move to the school for morning assembly and studies
1:30pmThe students take their lunch and return to their classes for studies until 3:30pm.
3:30pmThe school closes. The students go into their various hostels for siesta.
5:00pmStudents return is their classes for afternoon preparatory class (prep).
6:00PmIt is time for recreation or games
6:30pmThe students go for shower and daily family rosary follows.
7:00pmSuper time.
7:30pmStudents go for night prep which ends at 10:00pm.
10:00pmNight prayer and light out


Hail Regina school of our pride,
Bid knowledge, humility and service be our guide,
To be the best this is our quest,
We are the queens,
We set the pace,
Regina e rule for age


Hail Regina Mundi, hail o Queen
We thee revere dear Alma mater
Instill in us, O Mother dear
Knowledge humility and service
Salve Regina our pride and Joy
She shines like diamond amidst rough stones
Salve Regina Queen and mother
Be our guide in life’s great sea
Ora pro nobis, virgo mater
O pray for us, teach us sincerity
Prepare us with thy tenderest care
To treat on earth
Sublime our lives
Our footprints set in gold


A Song for the Pope the royal Pope
Who rules from sea to sea
Whose kingdom and scepter never shall fail
What a valiant king is he
What a valiant king is he
No warrior hordes has he with the sword
His rock build throne to guard
Yet against him the gates of hell shall war
In vain as they ever have warred
Hurray! Hurray!! Hurray!!!
Hurray! Hurray!! Hurray!!!
And one cheer more for the royal Pope
Hurray! Hurray!! Hurray!!!


Regina Mundi Girls is of federal status. Its students register for both federal and State Examinations even at the junior class level. Besides, the school draws its students from the states of the federation. Hence the school is open to people of various tribes and denominations.