The school is a centre for inculcating moral and academic values in Nigeria girls, achieved through fear of God, hard work, discipline, self control and determination. The core values of the school are expressed in her logo –Knowledge, Humility and Service.


The vision of the school is to be one of the instruments in the hands of the Catholic Church for moulding young girls to enable them attain moral and academic excellence and become exemplary women of tomorrow.


The Founder, the Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Ibadan, Most Rev. Dr. Felix Alaba Job believes that to train a woman is to train a nation. He posits “To bring moral sanity to our social and political life, young girls must be morally and academically sounds”. For him, the Female child must be endowed with the hope and conviction, as she is the queen of the universe. She should be imbued with integrity, charity and dedication.


Our mission is to offer qualitative education through wide range of subjects at junior and senior levels of secondary school education in order to achieve the following:
- To foster the harmonious development of the physical, intellectual, moral, social and psychological formation of young girls.
- To provide a catholic education noted for its quality to young girls irrespective of their social background and place of origin.
- To help cob the moral decadence prevalent in our society and schools, by giving morally and academically balanced education to young girls.
- To provide a broad based curriculum, which encourages in student the developments of values and thinking processes, which will facilitate their intelligent adaptability in a dynamic society.
- To equip pupils with the skill knowledge and attitude necessary to succeed as individual and as a responsible members of their community and society.
- To maintain high standard in all fields of endeavor in the belief that quality services produces quality responses.